Urban planing

Detailed plan

  Plans for the regulation and construction are made in accordance with a WSA (General urban plan) for the respective territory - Ordinance № 8 for the volume and content of the development schemes and plans. Specialized function the detailed spatial development plans in GISExplorer used to create plans including matrices development indicators. The main and spatial settings of matrices can be edited and changed. GISExplorer isspecifically optimized for working with: Own library for type lines, texts and conventional signs comply with the requirements of rendering a graphical elements to development schemes and plans. Matrix structural indicators for each regulated land property for a group of properties and / or the entire neighborhood when the properties are the same indicators: density andbuilding intensity density of absorption needed landscaped area according to the specified plan a development zone (existing andproject performance) Dynamic change of coordinates of the matrix. Dynamic change of parameters of the matrix. Storing the parameters in the database of the drawing. Complete and abridged matrices. Management of color of the outline of the settings of the matrix. Storage settings matrix for use in other projects. Export matrix as separate

graphic primitives. Passportization of a UPI with containing information about use of the territory, manner and character of the building up. Export on approved fail standard for storing information transmitted in municipal administrations.


After loading the drawing it is necessary to include visualization of matrices PUP menu "Drawings" - Button

"PUP" DrawZRPBtn.

Highlights to date: 20/09/2011.

Data are owned by the company "MAG-GIS Rumen I. Sartonev"

Download drawing "pup_zrp.ge"

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