Parcel planing



   Plot plan (AP) is a plan for the elements of technical infrastructure outside urban areas.

  Specialized function plot plans in GISExplorer used for automated creation of sectional axis (the section of track of properties in which passing) left and a right servitude, and for calculation of lengths and coordinates the elements of the situation on the route of the plot plan.

GISExplorer is specially optimized in the preparation of:

  • Explanatory note - text materials to the draft parcel plan is formed in an explanatory a note, which contains a common part - aim and tasks territorial scope (data for situational available of the object) and Content part.
  • Register of affected by the estates containing track data:      
    • Number of the property;
    • Species territory;
    • NTP;
    • Category of the land;
    • Locality;
    • Total size of the property;
    • Total size with restrictions in the use - the easement area for the affected properties;
    • Length conduit in the property;
    • Species property;
    • Owner of the property.
  • Balance:
    • Balance of territory by a way of permanent use;
    • Balance of territory by type of ownership;
    • Balance territory as intended;
    • Balance of territory by category of land;
  • Situation of the track in an appropriate scale;
  • Tracing plan of the lateral offset of the track and easements;the Register with the coordinates of points on the axis and easement lines left and right of the linear object and the coordinates of points and easement lines platform object


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