GISExplorer is fully fuction geographical information system.

   GISExplorer is made for solution, to cover the full requirements on bulgarian legislation, as the same time is open architecture, witch is according eazy integration with other

application's (ERP, CRM) and is eazy for customer modification.

GISExplore has a rich toolkit for making and supporting for geographical bases from data, design, surveying services, analyses, creating geographical maps and other.

Covers the basic requirements for work on:
  • State administrations
  • Municipal administrations
  • Surveying companies and Cadastral office's
  • Companies using geographical and candastral information for daily work
  • Planning, design and construction in the field of geodesy
  • Analyses, planning and design for territorially and urban development
  • Road construction and transport
  • Telecommunication companies
  • Utility companies
  • Environment and Natural resources
  • Farming
  • Health protection and others.



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6000 Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

Street. "Otets Paisiy"  No:177 fl:2  ap.4

Tel: +359 (0)42 627569 

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About Us

"NEXGIS Technologies" Ltd is founded in 2009. In the currently moment  "NEXGIS Technologies" Ltd devoloping the GIS software, GIS data bases and project's on other desktop applications and Internet.