Graphical customer interface:
  • Customer interface for bulgarian language.
  • Customer interface for english language.
  • Environment for working with graphical information.
  • Environment for working with sematic system.
  • Multiple document interface regimen (MDI) on work provides conditions for simultaneous operation with unlimited numbers for drawing window's.


GISExplorer drawing - type data:
  • Vector data - lines, polygons, text and symbols.
  • Raster Data -  all file format's for image's.
  • Classes (layers)
  • Tabular data contained spatial information.
  • Tabular data contained attributive information.
  • Tabular data contained cadastral and specialized information for planning.


Main Function's :
  • Means and methods for creating line's, polygons, text, symbols.
  • Creating unlimited number's of classes.
  • Copy for geographical information between different classes of drawing and various drawing's, and there integration into one drawing.
  • Minimum and maximum scales of generalization.
  • Creating a random number of table's with scematical information for drawing on base data.
  • Means and methods for creating and saving with own type of lines, point objects and symbols.
  • Working with  raster data, scaning, alignment and creating a common raster basis.
  • Support the multiple labels and attributes to line's, polygon's, text's and symbols. Automatically update of the content, place's and deployment of inscriptions in case.
  • Creating a annotated map's.
  • Generation of customer reports (sketches, documents, lists, balances, records and reports).
  • Integration a primary carriers of information(notarial acts, old sketches of estate, building permits, protocols, orders, prohibitions, photos of objects, projects of buildings).
  • Import and Export of state standards CAD and ZEM.
  • Means of print:
    • Simultaneous printing one or more drawings, adding a photos, tabular and map material.
    • Review the printing.
    • Independence from output devices for printing.
    • Creating thematic maps.
    • Creating legends.
    • Storing the print settings,images,legends,labels, etc.


Extended functions:
  • Specializing constructions
    • Chamfers
    • Rainbows
    • Hitch
    • Interpolating
    • Buffering
    • Synthesizing
    • Copying
    • Deleting
  • Countervailability of crosses or arbitrary points of raster drawings.
  • Checks of correctness of graphical information.
  • Jobs and printing schemes condominiums
  • Additional import and export to and from: AutoCAD DXF, Map Space GIF, GeoMedia, MapInfo, ArcInfo, GPS, KML.
  • Themed coloring.
  • Resources for spatial analysis
    • Measurement.
    • Resources to create a point, network and polygon topology.
    • Analyses for generating buffers overlapping the polygons.
    • Determining the size of plots by standard methods.
  • Generating reports on the spatial data (Area, perimeter, length, height).
  • Creation of SQL queries.
  • Graphical analysis based on information from the table, electronic document or an SQL query.
  • Specialized import and export of coordinates.
  • Work with GPS data.
  • Transformations
    • Transformations between local for territories on Republic of Bulgaria coordinate systems (1950, 1970, k3 k7 k9 k5, Sofia).
    • Coordinate transformations from and to WGS 84 from local for territories on Republic of Bulgaria coordinate systems (1950, 1970, k3 k7 k9 k5, Sofia).
    • Transformation using the method of "Helmert" - / any number of points /.
    • Transformation using the method of "Leats Squares" - / any number of points/.
    • Ratations.
    • Translations.
    • Scaling.
    • Rotation of the axes of the drawing.
  • Transformations in real time.
  • Backbone network.
  • Stakeout.
  • Sections and buffers.
  • Creating terrain.
  • Terrain profile.
  • General development plans, detailed development plans, plans for regulation and development (ordinance 8).
  • The plot plans.
  • Vertical planning.


Functions for working with electronic documents:
  • Means for visualization of documents of all types.
  • Means search of documents of all types.
  • Agents named to create a new document of all types.
  • Function to connect the document or documents of all types to one or more graphic object.
  • Graphical analysis by document type and attribute value. Opportunities stain precise value and range. Coloring in various text attribute values.
  • Positioning of the graphic object or objects in a document or documents.
  • Selection of graphic object or objects of a document or documents.
  • Positioning onto graphical data display of coordinates cross or other type of coordinate designation on data from documents for equipment, vertical markings features of the street network and others.


Specialized functionalities for various projects:
  • Functions related to the type of document "Passport Street section"
    • Search for all documents "Passport Street section" for a selected section or sections of the road network.
    • Search for a particular type of sub-documents for a selected section or sections of the road network.
    • New document "Passport Street section" for a selected section. In performing this function automatically bring EKATTE, number, administrative address, area (s) and other parameters of graphical information to the document.
    • New sub-document to "Passport Street section." Similarly to the above function introduces attributes in the document or documents available in the chart.
    • Search by name attribute and value or range. Functions on found documents:
      • Positioning onto graphical objects connected with found documents.
      • Selecting a graphic object.
      • Graphical analysis.
      • Graphical analysis  on attribute "Coefficient of damage to the section." Basic analysis serving as a correct assessment and subsequent decision making for repair the employees or management personnel in the municipality.
  • Functions connected with type of document "Failures in Street section"
    • Search for any damage to the selected section or sections of the road network.
    • Show damage coordinates with coordinate cross or other type of designation.
    • Preparation of reference coordinates and type of damage for selected section or sections of the road network.
    • Finding section spanning damage Coordinates of the damage.
  • Prepare a "Plan Repair activities"
    • Automatic preparation in relation results of graphic analysis attribute "Coefficient of damaged section" functionality for working with "Passport Street section."
    • Opportunities for determining the parameters in the reference to repairs.Basic parameters for reports are:
      • Plot number
      • Administrative address
      • Type of repair - lane, sidewalk adjacent parts, equipment and more.
      • Type materials for using
      • Area
      • The volume
      • Preliminary quantitative accounts
      • Preliminary a total expected value. Link to document "Prices the contractor." Sum of cost of labor for a single breakdown price for quantity of materials and more.


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